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Best hiking in Sweden: Höga kusten

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Fermented herring and the worlds highest coastline

There are countless extraordinary phenomena to be discovered where the land uplift is the fastest in the world. Nowhere else in Sweden can you hike at these heights so close to the sea. You will find the countrys most extreme local flora: the northernmost southern plant species and the southernmost northern plant species, sometimes growing on the same mountain. You will find fantastic hikes over mountaintops smoothed by the sea and through the deepest of forests that can offer you complete solitude, if thats what youre looking for. You will come across culinary challenges such as the pride of the region – fermented Baltic herring. The High Coast in a nutshell.

Contents include: the High Coast Trail, Arnäsleden Trail, best hikes along the World Heritage Trail, a guide to the archipelagos islands, Skuleskogen National Park, climbing and hiking on Skuleberget, Smitingen and Härnöklubb Nature Reserve, fishing chapels and the best kayaking routes along the coast.

Author Steven Ekholm has written for many years about travelling, food and literature for a number of newspapers and magazines. His itchy feet have taken him as far afield as Patagonia, Svalbard, Lesotho, Transnistria, Mongolia and all the way to Mt Everest. But his first hiking guide is about his home region, the High Coast World Heritage Site.


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