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Gravel biking in Stockholm

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The hidden trails

Chances are you will be surprised by the adventures in this book. With the help of farmer’s lanes, forgotten gravel roads and forest single track, the authors have created something that many did not think existed – fantastic gravel tours just outside Stockholm!

The book describes 28 tours with a total of 1,370 kilometres of cycling. All tours can be completed in one day from central Stockholm. Some loops you can find in a green area nearby, while others require you to hop on a commuter train or take the bikes with the car.

The book’s routes focus on adventure and experiencing nature and are perfect for a gravel bike with slightly wider tyres. The tours may include short stretches of easier trail between two gravel roads. You may also have to lift the bike on a rare occasion, but you will always come home with a big smile.

The three authors have completely different backgrounds. Michael O’Dwyer is a goldsmith, Björn Melin is a sheet metal worker and Olle Wahlquist develops satellite engines. They’re united by a strong desire to explore and share the joy of adventure cycling to others.


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